AirAsia WiFi just got faster!

More speed, greater possibilities - we’ve taken inflight Internet to the next level and given a new name to our service!

Introducing AirAsia WiFi+, the enhanced inflight entertainment and connectivity service now available on selected AirAsia flights! AirAsia WiFi+ is equipped with a high-speed Internet Ka-band system, offering an enhanced inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) experience beyond basic broadband, supporting real-time video, music streaming, and more.

To celebrate, we’re offering guests travelling on flights equipped with AirAsia WiFi+ a free 10MB trial of the new service until 30 September 2019.

Here's how to redeem your complimentary 10MB Internet Plan on board:

What’s more, AirAsia WiFi+ also offers FREE entertainment so you can watch exciting international and local content, play games, read magazines, listen to music, and more! You can also shop exciting deals from a variety of brands and enjoy home delivery.

If you want to use your favourite apps to chat, email, update your social media or simply surf the Internet, all you have to do is purchase an Internet Plan according to your needs!

Internet Plans Price Redeem with BIG Points
10 MB (Best for chat apps) MYR 9 900 BIG Points
20 MB (Best for Social Media) MYR 18 1800 BIG Points
50 MB (Best for emails & browsing) MYR 38 3800 BIG Points
100 MB (Best for lite streaming) MYR 48 4800 BIG Points
200 MB (Best for streaming) MYR 58 5800 BIG Points

Connect for FREE and visit on your AirAsia flight to enjoy entertainment, shopping, and Internet—fun in the sky awaits!

*AirAsia WiFi+ is available on selected flights only.

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