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Stay online and in touch with your loved ones, social media, work, and more throughout your AirAsia flight with an Internet Plan.


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Internet Plans

Whether you want to chat, surf, stream, update social media, or check emails, there's a plan that suits your needs.


AirAsia WiFi

Internet Plan - 10MB


Best for Chat Apps
Internet Plan - 20MB


Best for Social Media
Internet Plan - 50MB


Best for Emails & Browsing

AirAsia WiFi+
(available for purchase on board only)

Internet Plan - 100MB


Best for lite streaming
Internet Plan - 200MB


Best for streaming

Note: We’ve gone fully digital! All existing Chats & Internet Plans scratch cards will expire by 31 December 2019. More info

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ROKKI Wi-Fi is available on selected AirAsia flights only.

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